…the flexible open source driving simulation

Moniri, M. M., & Müller, C. (2014, September). EyeVIUS: Intelligent Vehicles in Intelligent Urban Spaces. In Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications (pp. 1-6). ACM.

Drivers' focus-of-attention is a key factor to be considered for building novel, intuitive user interactions and enhancing the current infotainment and safety applications. For this purpose, EyeVIUS extracts and merges relevant information about the eye-gaze and head-pose of the driver. In addition, it analyzes this information in a very realistic environment to gain the best possible results for analysis and interactive applications. EyeVIUS consists of a core module and several plug-in applications, which can be used in a simulator or real traffic. It also provides an interface for third party applications in order to be able to integrate it in their own platforms.

OpenDS is a cross-platform, open-source driving simulation software. EyeVIUS can act as a plug-in for this driving simulator in order to widen its possibilities for user interaction and analysis both inside the virtual world and also in the physical simulator setup. In order to demonstrate potential of this integration for the OpenDS users, we will showcase both systems at the Interactive Demos Track of the conference.

EyeVIUS is still under development. Retrieving data from the information sources and processing the data in Process Engine is partially working. Thus, it is possible to deploy the described integration with OpenDS. The size of the objects, which can be detected is very dependent on the overall precision of system. There are different sources for measurement error, which can affect the overall performance of EyeVIUS.

Download: https://dl.acm.org/purchase.cfm?id=2667265&CFID=602703582&CFTOKEN=97270572