…the flexible open source driving simulation

Schaefer, M., & Vokrinek, J. (2015). AgentDrive: towards an agent-based coordination of intelligent cars. In Advances in Practical Applications of Agents, Multi-Agent Systems, and Sustainability: The PAAMS Collection (pp. 211-224). Springer International Publishing.

Multi-agent approach to study coordination among intelligent cars is discussed. Intelligent cars are presented as a promising domain for multi-agent applications as modelling, simulations and coordination algorithms. AgentDrive coordination platform is introduced to illustrate possibilities in development of such applications. AgentDrive allows development of coordination algorithms and their validation via simulation. The coordination algorithms notion covers some of the following tasks: dynamic routing, trajectory planning, or collision avoidance and cooperation. Simulation can be performed in an arbitrary level of detail by using various external physics simulators.

An interesting project in the area is OpenDS. OpenDS is an open-source driving simulator open to modification and integration. OpenDS is based on a game engine jMonkeyEngine (jME)8. The jME provides the simulator with a 3D visualization and game-like physics